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Orbital Debris Program Office

Debris Assessment Software

The Debris Assessment Software (DAS) utility will be periodically updated by NASA to reflect the latest understanding of the man-made debris environment in Earth orbit. Users are encouraged to check this page regularly for news and updates, and to report problems with the DAS software to John N. Opiela.

DAS 2.1.1 makes several improvements in DAS without changing its overall functionality. The most significant change is the update from the ORDEM2000 debris environment model to the new ORDEM 3.0.  ORDEM 3.0’s increased fidelity comes at the expense of significantly increase run-times.  DAS is optimized for Microsoft Windows 7

Although approved for public release, NASA regulations require that a Software Usage Agreement must be obtained to acquire a copy of the NASA-developed software, DAS 2.1.1.  To begin the process, please press the "Request Now!" button in the software catalog. Included in the installer and also available for separate download are the DAS User’s Guide and software Release Notes.  The current DAS solar flux table is available hereClick here to subscribe to DAS version release email notification.

Installation Instructions

  1. Download and run the DAS 2.1.1 software installer.
  2. Download and install the appropriate version of the Microsoft Windows Help program WinHlp32.exe (requires Administrator privileges)
  3. Whenever a new solar flux file is released, download the file “solarflux_table.txt” from this page (the file date is in the header information).  Rename the file to “solarflux_table.dat” and place it in the DAS installed “data\” directory (replacing the existing file).