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NASA   Debris Assessment Software

The Debris Assessment Software (DAS) utility will be periodically updated by NASA to reflect the latest understanding of the man-made debris environment in Earth orbit. Users are encouraged to check this page regularly for news and updates, and to report problems with the DAS software to John N. Opiela.

DAS 2.0 makes several improvements in DAS without changing its overall functionality. DAS will run on Microsoft Windows 2000/XP/7.


Debris Assessment Software (Version 2.0.2)

  DAS 2.0.2 Software - Zip file with Compressed Windows installer (10 MB) - 16 April 2012
        (Release Notes - Brief description of the updates.)
  solarflux_table.txt - The current DAS solar flux file (3.02 MB) - 18 April 2016

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User's Guide

DAS 2.0 User's Guide - Also included in the installer (Adobe PDF 1.4 MB)


Installation Instructions
  1. Download the DAS 2.0.2 Software
  2. Run the software to install DAS (this requires administrative privileges)
  3. Create a shortcut or use the Windows Start menu to run DAS:
    Start->Programs->DAS 2.0->DAS 2.0.2
  4. Whenever a new solar flux file becomes available, download the file "solarflux_table.txt". Rename the file to "solarflux_table.dat" and place it in the DAS installed "data" directory (replacing the existing file).

IMPORTANT NOTE:  Corrections to the names of 10 items in the included list of DAS materials cause incompatibilities between projects saved with DAS version 2.0.2 and those saved with previous versions of DAS 2.0. The changes were made to correct typographical errors and to apply standard nomenclature. The changes affect project files used for reentry survivability analysis (e.g. "reentry.csv"). Please see the accompanying Release Notes for the list of changed material names. If necessary, users may use DAS or a simple text editor to change the affected names in their own "reentry.csv" files.




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